FeedBurner fornisce informazioni sul blocco temporaneo

Dick Costolo

The FeedBurner service was down and unreachable from about 6:07pm to 6:47pm central time on Tuesday November 29. We were doing simple planned maintenance on our multi-master db environment and during the planned maintenance, the db responded in an unexpected manner, and the standard operating procedure restarts did not correctly recover the system. System stability and investment in stability and performance are the highest priority here. We are debriefing the results of last night's planned maintenance. Most importantly, NO data was lost, no data was corrupted, nothing outside of that 40 minute window was affected in any way.

** FeedBurner Outage ** 11-29-05

Dick Costolo, cofondatore e CEO di FeedBurner, ha fornito pubblicamente alcune informazioni per giustificare l'improvviso congelamento delle statistiche del 29 novembre scorso.

FeedBurner assicura che nessuna informazione è andata persa e nessun record del database è stato corrotto.