WordPress.com offline


Hello folks. We’re doing a little unplanned emergency maintainance to some systems that were causing problems over the past few weeks. Your blog will be unavailable for a few more minutes while we get everything situated. Relax and enjoy this Easter Sunday morning, and know that everybunny at WordPress.com is working their butts off to get your blog back online. — Matt and the team

L'intero network WordPress.com è offline, o per meglio dire down, a causa di un intervento di manutenzione straordinaria.

Non ci sono particolari notizie al momento se non la rassicurazione che non è andato perso alcun dato.

Update 22.19


Matt here again. We have everything back online, checked, and verified. However we are going to keep blogs offline for a few more minutes to synchronize the backup machines and prevent this sort of problem from every happening again. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

La situazione sembra essere ripristinata, ancora qualche momento per poter sincronizzare i dati.